Tesda Automotive Course – Diesel Engine Tune Up and Battery Servicing

Automotive CourseAutomotive course is the study including hands-on repair of the automobile’s ignition and emission systems. Service procedures include scope analysis, compression testing, cylinder leak-down testing, component testing with digital multi-meters and lab scopes, tune-up, and troubleshooting of the various systems. All selected Tesda branch is now offering Automotive course with the categories of Diesel Engine Tune Up and Automotive Battery Servicing. For those who wants taking this Automotive course. Come and visit the Tesda Accredited School and Training Centers of the Philippines. (This photo credits to www.sad46.org)

Diesel Engine Tune Up

  • a.Set and Install Injection Pump to Engine
  • b.Inspect Injection Timing
  • c.Bleeding Injection System Components

Automotive Battery Servicing

  • Module 1: The Automotive Battery
  • Module 2: Test an Automotive Battery
  • Module 3: Remove and Replace Battery
  • Module 4: Service and Charge Battery
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