TESDA Apayao Branch

If you are seeking for the complete address and hotline telephone numbers of TESDA Training Center in Apayao branch, here is our listing as provided and taken from the official Technical Education and Skills Development Authority official website below.

If you want to make an inquiry on how to avail of any scholarship of free education offers from any accredited training centers and schools in your area, here is your chance. You may make a call or visit directly for more information on the short course syllabus and training hours so you know how long it will take to finish the study. Continue reading

Cellphone Servicing Course – TESDA Online Program

cellphone servicingVisiting the official TESDA online program website, I found out that there were so many additional courses that a scholarship beneficiary can take. There are also those who are capable of paying for the said course to be able to take and finish it and eventually, get certified by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. (full photo credits to indiamart.com) Continue reading

(ASIST) Abra State Institute of Science and Technology Profile

Abra schools

Abra State Institute of Science and Technology (ASIST)

There are so many schools and universities in the Philippines with respect to provincial or regional category. Today, I am posting the full profile and contact details on where to find (ASIST), Abra State Institute of Science and Technology. I have posted below the hotline telephone number, map (using Google maps) and website. Continue reading

TESDA Schools in Pasay

For TESDA Schools in Pasay, just refer to the listing we have archived below directly from the official TESDA website. The Technical Vocational Institutions in our list below have their corresponding courses offered and programs duly registered to the Technical Education and Skills Development COROPODOTI site.

For the complete list of duly registered programs in Pasay City training centers, please refer to our list below. They have been arranged as according to alphabetical enlistment so you will have easy access to the information and not have a hard time trying to find what exactly you need to enroll as a course or vocational training in any of your chosen nearest school in your area. Included also are the respective number of hours or syllabus and curriculum information. Continue reading

TESDA Call Center Training Course

Looking to enroll for TESDA call center training in Manila? We have 2011 listings of different accredited schools? Find the right accredited school and probably those that offer scholarship slots to deserving students and high school graduates.

Here are a few enrollment options taken from the 2011 list of schools duly authorized and accredited according to Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) website 2011 roundup update. Continue reading

Caregiving NC II Course

For those who are willing to see or inquire about the curriculum, tuition fees/rates, enrollment requirements and study caregiving NCII course in TESDA, the first thing you have to do is to find the right training center for your interest study. That which is near your area. You can find our list here – TESDA Caregiver Schools.

If you do not live anywhere near Manila, we strongly suggest that you visit our list of  schools carefully selected with caregiver NC II courses offered or related subjects for the year 2011 onwards using our search box feature above.

Alternately, you may visit our related posts below or see our categories in the sidebar to find what you are looking for.

Caregiver Schools in Manila

Are you out to take caregiving course and you want to find out the right cargiver school in Manila? We have the full listing of the different schools and training centers all over Metro Manila offering caregiver training to high school graduates willing to undergo rigid practice and earn a TESDA certificate at the end of the training course offered from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. You can call their hotline telephone numbers or visit their website if they have one. Good luck. Continue reading

TESDA Training Welding Course

Below is a sample TESDA welding course training video SMAW from one of the accredited school and training center in Canlubang – Don Bosco. This training is what you can expect when you enroll in any assessment center for scholarship or regular studies. Continue reading

TESDA Training Centers in the Philippines

We are going to post here all the TESDA training centers and accredited schools and assessment centers all over the Philippines and in the different regions in provinces. If you want to find one, you may use our search box below or navigate to our different categories in the sidebar. Alternately, you may visit the actual TESDA website at http://www.tesda.gov.ph/. Continue reading