Tesda Food and Beverage Servicing Courses

Tesda Food and Beverage Course

Tesda Food and Beverage Course

In taking Food and Beverage servicing is one of the best and useful training skills in Tesda. You can learn such as Waiter servicing, Room Attendant servicing and Bus boy servicing to the guests in restaurant, hotels, canteen, luxury ship and any resort. We are encouraging you to take this course in any Tesda training centers or schools to learn more about how to handle of Food and beverage servicing. For more inquiries, try to visit our website http://www.tesdatrainingcenter.info. This photo credits to (www.internationalhospitalityjobs.com.)

Listed below the skills to learn of Food and Beverage Servicing course:

  • Expanding and updating industry knowledge
  • Observing workplace hygiene procedures
  • Performing computer operations
  • Performing workplace and safety practices
  • Preparing effective customer service
  • Preparing Link Between Kitchen and Service Area
  • Expanding¬†and Updating Food and Beverage Knowledge
  • Providing and learning Food and Beverage Service
  • Providing and learning Room Service
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  1. Lizajoy Quijano says:

    I want to learn baking cookies and icesing /cake choco vanilla all etc

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